WiFi or Wired? When to plug in

If you are in your room in a university residence hall, go wired.

You will get a dedicated and secure connection to the Internet by plugging in your computer into your room’s grey data jack. This is especially important for bandwidth-intensive activities such as streaming video, audio, and gaming. Need an ethernet cable? Pick up a free Ethernet or printer cable from the ResNet Office in Sandoz. Ethernet lengths are 7', 14' and 25'.  More information.

If you’re in a friend’s room or out and about on campus, use the wireless network.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln wireless network is intended as a supplement to, not a substitute for, the wired network. It is a shared resource, so available bandwidth varies.

What about my wireless router?

Personal wireless routers are not allowed in the UNL Residence Halls because they cause interference with nearby UNL wireless access points.

       Contact the Computer Help Center at (402) 472-3970 or toll-free (866) 472-3970, mysupport@unl.edu if you are still having trouble connecting the printer to your computer or if your laptop or mobile device sees a printer network name. We are here to help!