ResNet FAQ

What is ResNet?
ResNet is the first line help for Students living in the UNL Residence Halls trying to connect to the Network. The ResNet is also the computer network in the Residence Halls, (wired and wireless), and is separate from the 'Admin' network on the rest of campus. We have a website, a permanent office in the Sandoz Residence Hall, and a phone number, 402-472-3535. When the ResNet office is closed, the phone calls forward to the regular Information Services Computer Help Center. So if you can't connect to the ResNet, you can call the ResNet or you can come into the ResNet Office to get help. We have one full time ResNet Manager, Larry James, and typically two student workers.
I am trying to get connection for my Xbox 360 and I do not have an Ethernet cable, is there another way to get a network connection?
Many people have connected their gameboxes through the wireless network, nu-iot. You'll need to register the wireless MAC address using the process at
Further information is at:

That said, we do not recommend using the wireless network for on-line gaming. Many of the students doing so have complained about lag time and/or dropped connections, it may work okay when the halls are not very full, but after move-in in August, you'll probably want to get an Ethernet cable and connect using that. Ethernet Cables for Residents are available at no cost from the ResNet Office in Sandoz. Ethernet lengths are 7', 15' and 25'.

How do I hook up my wireless printer in my room?

Printers can be connected on an in room network through IOT enrollment. This process is not well documented just yet.