New Students

Welcome to the ResNet! This is the Residence Hall Computer Network. It includes all wireless and room wired connections in the UNL Residence Halls, plus those Greek Houses that purchase their Network Connectivity from Information Technology Services.

Computers with unsupported Operating Systems will now unable to connect to the ResNet. Upgrade assistance is available at the ResNet Office in Sandoz and the Computer Help Center in the 501 Building. More information at Supported Operating Systems.

Your first wireless connection (Once you are on campus):

Registering your WIRELESS computer or phone on Eduroam

Connect to the Nu-Guest wifi network. You should be directed to a page that looks like this:

Click the link for eduroam wireless. The network should recognize your device/operating system and show you a page like this:

*example is from an iPhone

  • Enter your username
  • Click 'JoinNow'
  • Your password will be your MyUNL/Canvas/Huskers email password
  • Your device will now prompt you to download an installer/profile and save it to your device.
  • You may need to accept the eduroam certificate, especially on phones.
  • For Macs, iPhones and iPads, you may have to manually move over to eduroam. You may also need to 'forget' NU-Guest network to keep your apple device from auto connecting to there again.
Additional instructions and help links available at Unified Network Overview

Connecting an IoT device to nu-IoT.

You will need to find the wireless MAC address for your IoT device in order to 'create' it for nu-IoT connection.
Once you have that, on a phone, tablet or laptop go to
Follow the instructions there, this will create your IoT device registration and give you the password to log it onto nu-IoT.
The IoT device creation is good for one year.
You can manage/edit your IoT device yourself, based on your login, whenever needed.

Ethernet (wired connections):
We highly recommend that anything you want to connect that is not mobile, (desktop computer, game console, streaming box or TV), be connected using the Ethernet Ports in your room. There are only a limited number of Ethernet Ports in the rooms, but you should use what's available. There are generally two ports in every bedroom, the data jacks will be grey. Non grey jacks are usually phone jacks, you can connect a land-line phone there, but not a computer. Especially for streaming movies/online gaming etc. you will probably be happier with the wired connection. The wireless speed and reliability varies a lot depending on how many devices are connected to the closest Access Point. More information here.

All PCs on the ResNet are recommended to have an Anti-virus program installed, updated and running. The Office of Information Technology Services provides Cortex XDR Antivirus at This is paid for from your tech fees, so keep that in mind if you've only got a trial version of your current Antivirus. There are many other perfectly fine Antivirus products that are offered for free. Among them, Windows Defender, AVG-free and Avast. Any of these will qualify.

"Free" stuff:
There are many things in life that you pay for whether you use them or not. Among these things at the University are programs and software that we have special licenses that are available to students. These are paid for out of your Tech Fees, so while there is no additional cost to use them, they are not really free. But if you aren't aware of them, you'll never use them and get your money's worth. Here are the primary offerings for students, especially those living in the Residence Halls.

Anti-virus programs are required on all Windows and Macintosh computers connecting to the ResNet. AV programs for each of these are available at
For Windows, you'll need to know if you have a 32-bit or 64 bit system, the Mac side is one size fits all.

Microsoft Office
Both Office and the Adobe Creative Cloud downloads require you to establish a Huskers email account. Once you have that set up, the instructions for getting Office are at or Office 365

Adobe Creative Cloud
Getting the Creative Cloud typically takes a couple of days start to finish, so don't wait until the last minute. You will have to make your Huskers Email your primary email in MyRed and remove any previous accounts you may have had with Adobe, even trial version accounts. After you've established your Huskers email account, the procedure to download the Creative Cloud is found at 
Make sure you scroll down to the 'Students' section.

If you have any difficulty with any of these procedures, helpis available at the ResNet Office in Sandoz Residence Hall, 402-472-3535 or at the HuskerTech Help Center in the room 31, Love Library South. 402-472-3970 or at the HuskerTech Desk in the Adele Hall Learning Commons in Love Library North.