How to connect

How to connect to the RESidence hall computer NETwork 2021

Best method for phones and computers is detailed on the main page:

Overview of the new Unified Network is available at:

All residence halls have UNL wireless network access

Family Housing units (Vine St. and U St. Apts.) DO NOT have UNL wireless network access.

Basic information about connecting a computer, tablet or phone to eduroam is available at:

*IOT devices (TVs, gameboxes, Blu-Ray players, etc.)

Basic Infornation about connecting an IOT device for wifi is available at:

 Or preferably plug in with an Ethernet Cable. There is no device creation or login required for most IOT devices if using a wired Ethernet connection.

Information about connecting to IoT devices from your phone, tablet or laptop. (AirGroup)

For any IoT device that needs connection to a phone, tablet or laptop via wifi, this is how it should work. The phone or laptop needs to be on eduroam and you will need to set up the IoT device to connect to NU-IoT wifi. You will need the MAC address of the device, then the basic instructions for setting up are here:
Use your phone, tablet or laptop. for the setup, you’ll get a password to put in when you first connect you IoT device to NU-IoT. You must also check the box that will include your IoT device in your personal ‘airgroup’. The important part is the phone/etc. needs to be set up to the same person/login as the IoT device. So if your laptop is connected to eduroam as, that’s how you need to setup the IoT device.

Once this is set up, your IoT device should remember the password and you should easily connect from your phone, tablet or laptop.

The Enable Airgroup has two options, personal and shared. The Enable AirGroup 'shared' option should include identities without the domain (ClearPass strips domains).  This is also helpful if they registered the device under their NUID instead of their identity, or if they actually do want to share it with another person.

(Technical detail: I have noticed that it may take some time for this 'shared' option to go live through the system, so it is not an instant sharing option. I have no information about how long it takes or when the system updates shared conections. Possibly overnight.)

IMPORTANT INORMATION - No routers, hubs or switches

o    Do not bring a router (wireless or wired), hub or switch into the residence halls. It will cause conflicts on the University Network and will get your network connection shut off.  This is an Information Services Networking policy and is necessary to protect the integrity of the network.



  • If you have questions, please first visit the ResNet website,
  • If your questions are not answered on our website, call us at 402-472-3535.
  • Walk-in help is available at the ResNet office, located in Sandoz, near the Abel/Sandoz Welcome Center



If you have problems logging into eduroam or any other concerns with the registration process, call ResNet at 402-472-3535. We can look up your My.UNL  login.