How to connect

How to connect to the RESidence hall computer NETwork 2018

All residence halls have UNL wireless network access

Family Housing units (Vine St. and U St. Apts.) DO NOT have UNL wireless network access.

Wireless Network Access - connection and registration


To register for wireless in the residence halls, you’ll need to know your My.UNL (Canvas) username and password.

  • If you don’t know this information, go to a lab or other computer that’s already connected and go to (under the ‘Student’ tab, click on ‘UNL other services’ and you can look up your username) and (where you can reset your password).

 If you ARE already registered for wireless elsewhere on campus, proceed to Step 2.

STEP 1 – Registering your WIRELESS computer or phone on


If you ARE NOT already registered for wireless elsewhere on campus, you should be able to connect wirelessly to NU-CONNECT in the halls.

1.      Once you have your login and password, if the welcome screen doesn't pop up, open your default browser and type a website into the address bar.  There will be a welcome screen.

Wifi Registration welcome page

For Computers and phones, Click ‘Student/Faculty/Staff’.

For registering Gameboxes, TVs and other wifi devices, click 'IOT Enrollment'. (*see below)

You should get a recognition screen next. Make sure it has properly recognized your system:

If the system has properly recognized your system, click 'Join Now'.

This will start a download of WIFI_University_of_Nebraska_Wrapper.exe for Windows

Or WIFI_University_of_Nebraska.dmg for Macs

Once that completes download, run the program. It should generate a login screen:

eduroam login

For UNL students, your My.UNL username must include the for this login.

This program will create a network profile in your computer that will allow it to connect automatically to EDUROAM.  You can use that same login and password at UNO, UNK and any other school that offers the EDUROAM Network.

STEP 2 – Registering your computer on SAFECONNECT

ResNet is using the SafeConnect Registration System. General information about SafeConnect is available at:

  • Currently, any network devices besides Windows and Macintosh computers do not need to be registered through SafeConnect.

1.      Connect to EDUROAM wireless network or connect with an Ethernet cable into a grey Ethernet Port.

2.      Open a web browser (preferably Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome or Safari). You may have to enter a website that you don’t have cached, like You should be directed to the SafeConnect Sign in page.

SafeConnect login window

3.      Log in using your My.UNL name and password (see above).  You will need to Accept the user agreement.

4.      If this is the first time you've logged in, you should see a page that says:  “Download the Policy Key”.  You'll want to click the "Download Now" button.

Policy Key download window

  • Save the policy key installer (called ServiceInstaller.exe on Windows, SafeConnectMacInstaller.pkg on Mac) to your desktop, then double click on it to start the installation.  You may have to give permission for the install to start.
  • Once it’s done, you’ll see a window that says installation was successful. It may take a minute or two for the servers to recognize you have the Policy Key installed. If you click "I'm done installing" you should be directed to the main UNL web page.


*IOT devices (TVs, gameboxes, Blu-Ray players, etc.)

These will connect wirelessly on NU-CONNECT, but must be registered first. When you click

IoT Enrollment from your computer connected on NU-CONNECT, you should see this screen:


Same as before, login with your My.UNL (Canvas) username and password. Then you'll see this:

You will need the MAC address or Physical address for your IoT device. For gameboxes, TVs, Blu-Ray players, and the like this is usually found within the on screen menu, often within the 'Settings', 'Network Setup' or 'About this device' sections. usually there are different addresses for wired and wireless connection, but some devices use one MAC address both ways. If you do not see your device type in the pull down menu, just use Miscellaneous. A webpage with basic instructions for finding the Mac Address of several types of gamebox is

Remember: Once your Iot device is registered, connect it to NU-CONNECT, not EDUROAM. Or preferably plug in with an Ethernet Cable.

IMPORTANT INORMATION - No routers, hubs or switches

o    Do not bring a router (wireless or wired), hub or switch into the residence halls. It will cause conflicts on the University Network and will get your network connection shut off.  This is an Information Services Networking policy and is necessary to protect the integrity of the network.



  • If you have questions, please first visit the ResNet website,
  • If your questions are not answered on our website, call us at 402-472-3535.
  • Walk-in help is available at the ResNet office, located in Sandoz, near the Abel/Sandoz Welcome Center
  • Hall opening weekend:  The ResNet office will be open extra hours Thursday through Sunday during Move-in.
  • Starting Monday August 20th, we will be open regular hours as posted on our website.



If you have problems logging into “SafeConnect”, the page or any other concerns with the registration process, call ResNet at 402-472-3535. We can look up your My.UNL  login.