Ethernet (Wired connections)

Wired (Ethernet) Connections in Residence Halls
We recommend you use the Ethernet Port(s) in your room for anything that will require a fast, reliable connection. This is especially true if it is a non-mobile device. (Desktop computer, game console, Smart TV) The number of ports is limited and not every port is active at the start of the school year. Ethernet cables and printer cables are available at no cost from the ResNet Office in Sandoz. Ethernet lengths are 7', 14' and 25'.
Start of semester, Ethernet Cables should be available at the Abel, Courtyards, Massengale, Selleck, Smith and Suites Front Desks.

With one exception* Ethernet Ports in Residence Halls are grey. Any non-grey port is a phone port for courtyards platea land-line phone. Ethernet ports all have labels in the format: #L-L## or sometimes #LL-##. (# is a number, L is a letter.) For example, 2B-C37 or 2BC-37. In this example the bottom (not grey) port is the phone port; the round coax port on the top is for the CableTV connection and has no label. You will need the correct label to request your port be activated.
Try the grey port first. If you get no connection with a computer, you can request the port be activated.
  • Log into your MyRed Account
  • Go to the Housing Portal and enter the FixIt page,
  • Within the  Network Issues is a link to 2 forms, click the Port Activation Form..
  • Fill in the information and submit the form. 
OR Call or stop by the ResNet office in Sandoz, 402-472-3535.
*In the Knoll Hall living areas, there is only one Ethernet Port and it is not grey.

Abel-Sandoz and Harper, Schramm, and Smith Halls
Mini wireless access point in AbelIn these 5 halls, one in every three rooms has its own small wireless access point. This provides wifi for the room it is in, plus one room on each side. Do Not attempt to unplug the access point. Each access point has 3 Ethernet ports built-in; they should all be active and useable. There should be a small sticker next to the active wall port. The second wall port will not be active, but you may request it be activated as above. 

Knoll, Suites, Eastside, Village and Courtyards Halls:
There should be one grey Ethernet Port in each 'living room' area, it should already be active when you move in. Each bedroom should have one grey Ethernet Port, it will most likely not be active already. The 'not grey' ports are for landline phones. You may request activation as above.

All other Halls:
The grey Ethernet Ports in all other rooms should already be active at the start of the school year. typical wall jacksPlease try them with a computer before you put in an Activation request. Game consoles and Smart TVs, etc. are not always immediately connected, but computers should be.