Connecting a Gamebox

Wired or Wireless?

            Many people have connected their XBOX through the wireless network, NUCONNECT. You'll need to register the wireless MAC address at the IoT Enrollment page:

Wifi Registration welcome page


That said, we do not recommend using the wireless network for on-line gaming. Many of the students doing so have complained about lag time and/or dropped connections, it may work okay when the halls are not very full, but after move-in in August, you'll probably want to get an ethernet cable and connect using that. You can get a cable anywhere, but the ResNet Office in Sandoz has Ethernet cables for Residents for free. We have 7', 14' and 25' lengths. Remember your Ethernet jacks are grey.


If you need to get the gamebox's network card (MAC) address.

For an Xbox1:

1. You may need to navigate to My Games & Apps

2. Select Settings

3. Select Network

4. Select Advanced Settings

5. The MAC address for both wired and wireless should be displayed.

For an Xbox:

  1. Make sure you have installed Xbox Live functionality using the Xbox Live DVD that came with your system.
  2. Unplug the network cable from the Xbox.
  3. Turn on the Xbox console with no game disc in the tray.
  4. Open the Xbox Live option from the Xbox Dashboard.
  5. You should receive a "Could not connect to Xbox Live" error. Select Settings from the Connect Status screen.
  6. In the lower right corner of the menu will be "MAC=" followed by a combination of 12 letters and numbers. This is the MAC address; do not change it! Write down the MAC address.

For an Xbox 360:

  1. Go to the System area of the Xbox Dashboard and select Network Settings.
  2. Select Edit Settings.
  3. Under Basic Settings, check to make sure the IP Settings is on Automatic.
  4. Now go to Additional Settings, select Advanced Settings.
  5. At the bottom of this screen you'll see a heading called Wired MAC Address. Write down the MAC address.

For a PlayStation 2:

  1. Turn on the PS2 and insert the Network Adaptor Startup Disc.
  2. Once the menu has appeared, press X to enter the ISP Setup.
  3. Once it has loaded, press X to continue.
  4. Your PS2 will search for the network adapter. After the network adapter has been found, press X to continue.
  5. Press X again to continue.
  6. Wait while the data is accessed, then select New, and then press X to continue.
  7. Type a name for your ISP setting, such as ResNet.
  8. When asked if you currently subscribe to an ISP service, select Yes and press X to continue.
  9. For connection type, choose High speed connection (cable or DSL) and press X to continue.
  10. Select Automatic Settings and press X to continue.
  11. When asked if your ISP requires a User ID and Password, select No and press X to continue.
  12. When asked if your Internet Service Provider requires you to input a DHCP Host Name, select No. Unplug your network cable from the PS2, and press X to continue.
  13. The network connection test will fail. Do not press X or Triangle. Press Select to see the error message.
  14. The error message will display the hardware MAC address, which is a combination of 12 numbers and letters. Write down the MAC address.

For an Playstation 3:

  1. Power up the Playstation 3 without any disc in the drive
  2. Once the Playstation 3 Operating System has loaded, select "Settings".
  3. Once you are in "Settings" select "Network Settings".
  4. When the "Network Settings" list appears, select the first option which should be titled "Settings and Connection Status List".
  5. The physical address will be listed under "MAC Address." Write down the MAC address.

For Playstation 4:

  1. Power up the Playstation 4 without any disc in the drive.
  2. Select "Settings"
  3. Select "System"
  4. Select "System Information"
  5. This next screen should show you both the Wired and Wireless MAC addresses.

For a Nintendo WII:

NOTE about Wii and SafeConnect: Once you're connected through an ethernet adapter, you may need to "Open the internet channel". From the Wii Support page:

Internet Channel


The Internet Channel features a web browser made by Opera Software, which allows users to surf the world wide web. This browser can be used to access web sites, perform web searches, etc. Wii owners who are connected and have activated the Wii Shop Channel can download the Opera browser to activate the Internet Channel of the Wii Menu and begin surfing the Web. A broadband internet connection is required. The Internet Channel costs 0 Wii Points to download, and is available in the Wii Shop Channel, in the Wii Channels section.

Updates to the Internet Channel
Beginning in early 2010, new Wii consoles will come pre-loaded with a short cut channel that provides details about the Internet Channel and the ability to go directly to the channel's download page in the Wii Shop. If you last updated this channel after September 1, 2009, you will not see any changes if you update now. However, to ensure you always have the most current version of your channels, we recommend that you perform any available updates.

More complete info here:

Wii Internet Channel

If you have trouble with this, call us at 472-3535, we can put you into temporary open access.

Important: The Nintendo Wii does not ship with the ability to connect to wired network connections. Students who wish to use the Wii online on the ResNet will need to purchase a Wii LAN Adapter and use an ethernet cable. (Adapters usually available locally at Gamers and Game Stop.)  It is Not Recommended to use the wireless network with any Gamebox. But be sure you register the right MAC address. The Wii will display both the Wireless MAC and the Eternet Adapter MAC.

  1. From the Wii Channel menu, select Wii (the round button on the bottom-left of the screen with "Wii" on it) and then Wii Settings.
  2. Click the right arrow to go to the second page. Select Internet, then Console Information.
  3. The MAC address of the Wii console's LAN Adapter is displayed on the second line.Write down the MAC address.