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PlayStation User info has been compromised!

1. "70 million names, addresses, email addresses, birthdates, PlayStation
Network/Qriocity passwords and logins, handle/PSN online ID, profile data,
purchase history and possibly credit cards obtained." (Source:
2. Sony has not ruled out the compromise of credit card information.
3. Sony recommends users of Network be vigilant and monitor credit reports.

4. The following is the April 26 Sony blog release: (Link:

More Information here:


XBOX 360 Issue!

Friday Oct. 7, 2010

The fix should be in. Anyone still having problems connecting to xbox live via ethernet, please contact us. We will work with any individuals to determine what's not working. Thanks for everyone's patience and help troubleshooting. It seems to have been a combination of 'kerberos' packets not getting through all the time and a delay of Safeconnect recognizing xboxes. Possibly exacerbated by a recent XBOX update.

Thursday Oct. 6

Thanks to everyone providing feedback. It sounds like connectivity has improved but is not 'fixed' yet. One student reported good connection by "not going straight to the game, I watch one of those inside xbox videos that appear in the main menu on the dashboard. After the video is through playing, I start the game. Using this process I can keep a connection most of the time." So those that can connect to 'live' but get disconnected might try that as a temporary work around.

We will continue to press for a complete fix.

Wednesday Oct. 5

We may have caught a break today during testing, don't want to raise too many hopes for an immediate fix but it is the best chance we've had so far. I'll update again tomorrow with any news.

Tuesday Oct. 4

We HAVE a test box, thanks to all that offered!


We continue trying to find the solution. Currently looking for an XBOX to use for testing in the ResNet Office. Please email to


Friday Oct. 1

No news, we are still trying to determine the cause of the trouble connecting to XBOX Live. Sorry!

Tuesday Sept. 28

We are almost sure it's not a problem with SafeConnect, but here is the exact process when SafeConnect recognizes an XBOX:

Procedure for identifying Xbox devices:
[USER] User plugs device into network – receives IP address
[SC] Netflow is received - Results in blocked client
[USER] Connects to Xbox live Note: network connectivity tests may fail at this time
[SC] Safe•Connect detects Xbox live connection and properly classifies as Xbox, allowing internet access.

So this may take a few minutes to get through. If anyone has success with this procedure, please notify the ResNet Office at 2-3535.

Monday Sept. 27

No solution yet. We are still working with the Networking group to determine the reason it's so hard to get a consistant connection to XBOX-Live. Thanks to everyone helping with the troubleshooting!


Thurs. Sept. 23, 2010

We are currently experiencing a problem wherein XBOX 360s are unable to connect to XBOX-LIVE. The Network team is trying to determine what the problem is. Most students get a message about the MTU being set too low. That doesn't seem to be the problem. Please be patient, we apologize for the inconvenience.